The early-bird deadline has been postponed to June 15th.

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The M2S 2015 Conference has been made aware of a service provider of the name Exhibition Housing Services (EHS), which has contacted a number of speakers and participants, citing the M2S-conference, to offer hotel reservation services.

Please note that Exhibition Housing Services does not represent the M2S Conference, nor has the organizing board of M2S-2015  authorized them to use the M2S name or trademark on information they send out to participants.

The organizing board of the M2S 2015 Conference has appointed Symporg SA as the sole authorised accommodation booking agency for the Congress.

If you are contacted by Exhibition Housing Services by phone or emails using the M2S 2015 Conference name or the name Symporg SA, offering hotel reservation services, we urge the participants to proceed with extreme caution before signing anything sent by EHS or entering into any conversation with EHS or replying to any EHS emails sent from ‘’.  EHS offers a pre-paid hotel reservation service. Attendees need to be extremely careful when dealing with EHS, as a booking fee is charged in addition to the hotel price. In addition it appears that any credit cards used to secure bookings will be immediately used for taking 25% of value of booking and once any exhibitor or attendee have confirmed that he / she wishes to go ahead with the accommodation booking full payment is taken. EHS also operates very stringent cancellation policies. 

For reservations of up to nine bedrooms, accommodation can be easily booked by using the online accommodation booking system.

Alternatively for any group booking or to discuss the accommodation options available prior to booking, Symporg SA is able to assist. Their Accommodation Reservations Team is available Monday-Friday from 0900-1700.

Contact details

Vanessa Mezzanotte


Telephone: +41 22 839 84 84

Thanks for your attention.

Bertrand Joehr, CEO

Symporg SA

The International Conference M2S HTSC 2015 will take place from Sunday, August 23 until Friday, August 28 in Geneva, Switzerland.

The M2S2015 conference is the 11th conference in the successful series of tri-annual conferences on materials and mechanisms of superconductivity. The first one took place in 1988 in Interlaken in the wake of the discovery of high superconductivity by the Nobel Prize winners Johannes Georg Bednorz and Karl Alexander Müller.

The meeting has since then taken place in Palo Alto, Kanazawa, Grenoble, Beijing, Houston, Rio de Janeiro, Dresden, Tokyo, Washington and now will return to Switzerland in the summer of 2015.

Superconductivity is the phenomenon of electrical current flow without any loss of energy due to resistance. This extremely useful phenomenon is nowadays routinely applied in medical applications of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), in large scale magnetic guiding systems such as CERN, the presently constructed nuclear fusion energy plant ITER, in high throughput electrical power cables, as well as the maglev train presently in construction by Japanese Railways.

The field of superconductivity is heavily driven by experimental progress using the most advanced technology available. Consequently the participants of M2S are actively involved in materials science, experimental techniques, theoretical research and/or applications of superconductivity.

The experimental techniques involve materials processing, crystal growth and characterization, low temperature techniques, ultra high vacuum, various kinds of neutron-, electron-, optical-, X-ray, and scanning probe techniques.

Superconductivity is also the subject of intense theoretical research, and has spurred novel ground breaking theoretical approaches to the mechanisms of superconductivity and more generally of emergent properties of strongly interacting electrons.   

We look forward to receiving you in Geneva!