The BERND T. MATTHIAS PRIZE, created in 1989 by friends and colleagues and originally sponsored by AT&T Bell Labs, is awarded in recognition of innovative contributions to the material aspects of superconductivity. Since 2000, the Prize has been sponsored by the Texas Center for Superconductivity at the University of Houston, whose founding director, Paul C. W. Chu, was Matthias’ former student. The Prize consists of 6000 USD$ and a certificate. 

The 2015 Bernd T. Matthias Prize winners are:

Professor Xianhui Chen of the University of Science and Technology of China for his discovery of (Li,Fe)OHFe(Se,S), Ybx(Me)yHfNCl (Me= NH3 and THF), and doped phenanthrene, broadening the material base for superconducting studies.

Professor Zachary Fisk of the University of California Irvine for the discovery of UBe13, UPt3, ThCoC2 and LaRhSi3, for unraveling the roles of heavy fermions and non-centrosymmetry in superconductivity.

Professor Zhongxian Zhao of the Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, for the discovery of RE(O,F) and (RE)O1-xFeAs (RE = rare earth) with a Tc up to 55 K, demonstrating the limit of Tc in bulk Fe-based superconductors.

Further information in the press release from the University of Houston and Background Information

The 2015 Bernd T.Matthias Prize has been awarded at the M2S Conference in Geneva from August 23 to August 28, 2015.

From top to bottom:

prof. Xianhui Chen

prof. Zacharias Fisk

prof. Xingjiang Zhou (representing prof. Zhongxian Zhao)

Posing with prof. Chu

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